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Preventive Dentistry
Preventive dentistry is simple to understand. It means you and your dentist do the best you can to prevent any oral health problems from creeping up.

Prevention starts at home, as we all know. That means brushing and flossing every day should be at the top of your oral health to-do list. Taking good care of your teeth and gums on a daily basis is a great start to having a beautiful, healthy smile.

In addition to daily dental care at home, you should make it a point to visit our local Wayne dental office for regular dental checkups. We recommend setting up appointments for regular dental checkups every six months. By seeing Dr. Li on a regularly, she can make sure your teeth and gums are in good health and that there are no issues lurking under your gum line that are just waiting to cause big problems for you.

Regular Dental Checkups
When you come in for your regular dental checkup, Dr. Li will follow procedures that will help her diagnose any issues before they become problems. When you come in for your checkup, we'll start by taking dental x-rays.

Dental X-Rays
Dental x-rays are taken if necessary so that we can catch any issues before they have a real chance to take hold. For example, if you have tooth decay in one of your teeth, dental x-rays will show that decay when it is very small so it can be repaired before it turns into a problem that needs a filling or and inlay or onlay.

By catching dental issues early, not only will it save you time in the dental chair, but it will save you money on bigger dental procedures too.

Dental Exams
During a dental exam at Cozy Family Dental, LLC, Dr. Li will go over your x-rays to see if there are any underlying problems that need to be addressed. She'll look at each tooth individually, checking for decay, soft spots, plaque or tartar. If any issues are found, Dr. Li will take care of them for you. If you have dental issues that take more than one dental visit, additional appointments will be made for you.

Dental Cleanings
A dental cleaning will be done after each dental exam to be sure you leave our dental office with a clean, fresh mouth. Not only will our hygienist clean your teeth, but she will also polish them to give them a healthy look. Once your teeth have been cleaned in our dental office you will be able to continue your daily oral health routine at home to help prevent tooth decay and other dental problems.

Healthy Diet and Oral Health
Preventive dental care is important for your oral health and the health of your entire body too. The better you take care of your teeth and gums, the more likely you will have better overall health. And regularly scheduled dental appointment with Dr. Yan Li will help keep your teeth and gums in great shape.