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Affordable Implant - Supported Dentures
Do you know anyone with false teeth? That's what dentures were called years ago when they were first being developed. False teeth were generally something that could scare a child if they walked in and saw Grandma's teeth in a jar next to her bed. And really, "false teeth" was a good name for them, because most of the old-fashioned dentures that were made truly did look false or simply not real.

These days the false teeth from years ago have given way to modern dentures. Not only can modern dentures be made with precision computer equipment to look natural in your mouth, but they can be shaped and colored to look just like your original teeth. Of course, the way to get the best looking dentures is to see the best dentist with the most experience when it comes to dentures, and that would be Dr. Yan Li.

If you're old enough to remember your Grandmother taking her teeth out before bed and putting them in a glass beside her bed, you know that all dentures that were made years ago were made to be taken out at night. With the advancements in dental technology, that process is no longer necessary.

Dr. Yan Li is one of the most advanced dental professional in the Wayne, NJ area, and she is happy to be able to offer affordable implant-supported dentures. Dr. Li's advanced training in this area means you can trust her to tell you what type of dentures are best for you, and make sure you get the best price too.

Securely Fitting Dentures
Implant-supported dentures are quite different from simple removable dentures in that they are securely fit into your mouth so that they will not slip, slide or jar out of place like dentures that simply sit on your gums.

Some people will need dentures for both upper and lower teeth, and Dr. Li will be able to tell you whether you fall into that category. As with all dental implants, dental X-rays will be done to be sure your jawbone is strong enough to support the implants, and if they are, the procedure will simply progress.

The biggest difference in the implant-supported dentures and the false teeth from years ago (other than the beautiful look of modern dentures), would have to be the fit. You've probably seen commercials for products to hold old-fashioned dentures in place. Those are not necessary when the dentures are fitted using implants.

If you have several decaying teeth and you really don't want to deal with dental procedures for the rest of your life, call Dr. Yan Li's office today. We'll schedule a free consultation for affordable implant-supported dentures and let you know exactly what we can do for you.