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Affordable High-Quality
Dental Implants!!!
$1,500 Per Implant Package
(Implant + Abutment + Crown)
  • Free consultation for implants, and implant-supported dentures
  • FDA-approved, titanium, high-quality implant
  • Prepaid in full for single implant, payment options for multi-implants
Top-Notch Quality Implant Clinic
Patient Reviews
At the end of each working day, I routinely reviewed each patient's dental charts and ran again each patient's treatment in my mind, to make sure I provided the best possible solution to all my patients.

I love my job and everyday feel so lucky to have a chance to serve my patients. Therefore, I greatly value the feedbacks from my patients so that I and my staff can continually learn and build Cozy Family Dental the most trusted and most reliable office in Dentistry.
- Dr. Yan Li
"One my close friend recommended Dr. Yan Li to me for my missing tooth one and half yrs ago. Met the doctor in a free consultation. Around one year ago called the doctor for a second free consultation and started the implant. Got my new tooth months ago. Will recommend this office to my friends."
-C.Y. at HealthGrades on May 18 2016
"Used to live in Boston but couldn't find an implant dentist there with affordable costs. Fortunately my missing tooth was at the back of my mouth so I hided it for a couple of years. Here I met Dr. Li and made my implant done. Nice!"
-F.H. at HealthGrades on March 2 2016
"because my dentist didn't place implant, he referred me to Dr. Li. Dr. Li extracted two teeth for me and then a few months later placed two implants. I went back to my dentist and he checked the implants after whole procedures; it's great work."
- Larry G at healthgrades on Feb 3 2016
"I had a few implants from Dr. Li. Very nice results. Of course will recommend Dr. Li to my friends searching implants."
- Leo at healthgrades on Jan 16 2016
"I had three implants completed by Dr. Li in Cozy Family Dental. So far great. Doctor really has flexible hands, and knew what to do on my teeth. Very nice lady and very clean office."
- Chloe Yang at Google + on October 2 2015
"I shopped implants for my missing two teeth for a while, and can't afford other offices' quotes. One my relative, who is a patient of Cozy Family, recommended Dr. Li to me. The price is affordable. A few months ago I got the implant placement, and last week I did the restorations. Done! Love my new teeth! Highly recommended! It's worth me driving 70 miles to the office."
-Frank Hope at Google+ on July 1 2015
Janelle P. asked:
"Can anyone recommend a local dentist that doesn't have a long wait time and is possibly open on weekends?! Thank you."

"http://cozyfamilydental.com never had to wait there! Not sure about hours though. Due to a change in insurance, I had to take my kids elsewhere last time and was horrified! Thank god we switched back to old insurance!"

-Elizabeth C. at Facebook on Jan. 31 2015
Ma R. asked:
"ISO pediatric dentist. Also, any parents have kids who had their permanent teeth grow in behind their baby teeth? If so, what did the dentist do about it? thanks"

"We went to cozy family dental. http://cozyfamilydental.com no complaints here. Small office and great with children. Sadly our new insurance doesn't cover her and we have to go elsewhere. My kids were so upset when I did my teeth that they couldn't do theirs so she took them back and did a quick cleaning and check for free. Very sweet woman. The baby tooth she pulled out for my son."
-Elizabeth C. at Facebook on Nov. 19 2014
"Very comfortable visit; Nice and knowledgeable dentist (Dr. Li); Highly recommended for all ages."
-Frank at Yahoo on Oct. 23 2013
What's In Your Mind?

Following is the link to healthgrades where my patients can directly share their feedback about their experiences at Cozy Family Dental. Thank you very much for your time.

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