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Affordable Invisible Braces
Years ago when people were told they needed braces, nobody was happy about it. Teenagers argued with parents about having to wear braces. And adults who really needed them simply refused to walk around with a mouth full of metal as an adult.

On top of that, wearing metal dental braces means you need to restrict what you eat. Anything that can get caught in your braces would be off limits. No more corn on the cob, no more pretzels and chips that can get caught in between the metal pieces. And don't even think of chomping down on a piece of hard candy. Patients were given an entire list of dos and don'ts that needed to be followed if they wanted a nice, straight smile.

Luckily for patients of Dr. Yan Li don't need to worry about having a mouth full of metal these days. Today there are many options when it comes to straightening your teeth, and the one Dr. Li likes the best is ClearCorrect invisible aligners. These clear aligners are custom made just for you. They consist of an entire series of clear plastic aligners that will gently move your teeth into the proper position.

Thanks to computer technology, digital mapping is used to create a plan and construct the aligners that will be needed to move your teeth into the proper position. Every few weeks you will come back to see Dr. Li and get the next set of aligners to move your teeth closer to the ultimate goal.

One of the nicest things about the ClearCorrect treatment is that patients will wear their invisible braces all the time and nobody will even know they're there. The only time patients will remove the aligners is when they eat or drink. When they're done, simply brush and floss, rinse off your aligners and pop them back in. That means you can eat and drink anything you want, without any restrictions because of your braces.

With a great system like ClearCorrect, why would anyone argue about straightening their teeth with braces? When you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing you're doing it and without all the pain of the old-fashioned metal braces, what would stop you? If you're worried about the price, just talk to Dr. Li and you'll find out that the ClearCorrect invisible braces are really affordable.

Don't walk around being embarrassed about your crooked teeth. Come in for a consultation with Dr. Yan Li and let her show you what a beautiful smile you can have when you wear the affordable ClearCorrect Invisible Clear Aligner Braces.