21 May

Regular Dental Checkups in Wayne

Brushing and flossing every day is very important for your dental health. It keeps bacteria from forming on your teeth and gums and helps you steer clear of gum disease and periodontal disease. Because brushing and flossing gets rid of...
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30 Apr

Affordable Dental Implants

If you’ve ever checked the pricing on dental implants, you know they’re generally one of the more expensive dental procedures. And depending on the type of dental insurance you have, the procedure may or may not be covered. Luckily for...
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16 Apr

Wayne Invisible Braces

If you were told as a teen that you needed braces, you probably gave your parents a lot of grief about it. Years ago, braces came in one style, ugly. They were made of metal, they were not only ugly,...
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9 Apr

Need a Wayne Dental Implant

When you need a Wayne dental implant, choosing the right dentist is very important. If there’s a brand your dentist in your neighborhood who just graduated from the dental school, the chances that he has much experience with dental implants...
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